Conor McGregor Claims He Was Supposed To Coach Against Nate Diaz on ‘TUF 31’ (1 Viewer)


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Jul 19, 2022
Lagos, Nigeria.
connor mcgregor vs michael chandler
According to Conor McGregor, the original coaching matchup for "The Ultimate Fighter 31" would have reignited one of the UFC's most famous rivalries. During an interview on "The MMA Hour," McGregor disclosed that he was initially slated to coach against Nate Diaz on the reality show, but it never came to fruition. Instead, McGregor will be coaching opposite Michael Chandler on the upcoming season of "TUF 31." The date for McGregor's fight against Chandler has not yet been announced.

“‘The Ultimate Fighter’ just kind of presented itself. It was originally for me to be against Nate. It was me vs. Nate,” McGregor said. “I did not mind who it was against, to be honest. Nor do I mind who I compete against, that’s widely known.

“I had agreed to it, it was Nate. It was a day or two before and now it’s Chandler. I’m not sure what went down on that end. It was me vs. Chandler and I have no problem with it, I’m happy with it. It’s gonna be a good bout for sure.”

Nate Diaz fulfilled his contractual obligations with the UFC at UFC 279, where he submitted Tony Ferguson with a fourth-round guillotine in September of last year. After becoming a free agent, Diaz's manager announced that the fighter had plans to compete in multiple events in 2023, including boxing and a potential third fight against Conor McGregor.

Although McGregor was uncertain about the type of agreement Diaz had with the UFC, he did disclose that Diaz was nearly set to participate in "TUF 31" as his opponent. Nevertheless, McGregor is optimistic that he and Diaz will cross paths in the future for a third showdown.

“No, I’ll get that again. That trilogy will happen at some stage for sure,” McGregor said. “He was gone, but he was still doing the show. That’s all politics. We must fight. We’re one-apiece. It’s a great rivalry and it was a great fight. We’ve got to square that away for sure.

“Am I a person not to get the fights made and done and happen? Look at all the fights I’ve had,” he continued. “When I say it, it happens. I have a load of bouts left in me. A lot of story is incomplete. I’m excited to continue on and get them done.”

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