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Earning Program
Get paid to post. Earn credit (Dollars) for creating useful content.

How do i earn from LiveGoal?
You can earn upto 100 USD monthly on LiveGoal by referring new members to join or participating and being active in our community.
To earn from participating in forum activities, simply post quality threads and replies that are well written or like, react or engage with someone else's post and earn credit points from that can be redeemed for cash when you reach withdrawal threshold.
To earn from our referral program, simply grab your referral link by following these steps below;
1. Click on your username
2. Tap on your referrals from the dropdown menu
3. Copy your UNIQUE referral link or click on the tools icon below to generate text or banners if you have a website that you can add them to.
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How to get started?
First, you need to sign up and verify your email, add a profile picture and follow the steps below;
Step 1: User must have posted at least 5 threads and 10 posts that are well written, accurate, grammatically correct and relevant. (This is to checkmate the quality of your post)
Step 2: After you submit your 10 posts and 5 threads, your profile will be verified and your earnings will start counting.
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What are the earning rates?
The earning rates for each activity are explained below
Sign Up Bonus: Signing up and completing your profile - 5 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Content Sharing: Share a threa on any of your social media profiles - 10 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Thread - Posting a new thread - 4 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Post - Adding a post to a thread - 2 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Reply - Someone else posting in your thread - 1 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Daily Activity: Awarded on the first log in each day - 1 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Post Engage: Like or react to any post in the forum - 1 Credit Point=$0.005 per point
Number 1 Rules: We will remove credits/reward given for plagiarism (copy & paste), irrelevant and duplicate threads that violates the Forum posting rules.
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How to earn from referral?
You earn $1 on every succesful and VALIDATED referral, subject to our terms and conditions. Every referral is CHECKED and verified to prevent the system from being abused
To earn from our referral program, simply grab your referral link by following these steps below;
1. Click on your username
2. Tap on your referrals from the dropdown menu
3. Copy your UNIQUE referral link or click on the tools icon below to generate text or banners.
If you have a website then you can copy the html code and embed them or you can simply download these banners and upload to your whatsapp group, facebook status or even telegram channel.

N.B: You have to be a forum member to participate, if you haven't signed up yet, kindly CLICK HERE to do so.
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How do i earn successfully?
The best way to earn from LiveGoal is to make high quality and helpful topics that are related to the forum that you're posting on or engaging on other people's post and making relevant comments on them.
Your post should be relevant, well formatted, grammar errors free and positively add to the discussion and isn't stolen or copied post from other website.
Your post may get deleted or you may be ban by posting irrelevant copied content or using article rewriting software/website.
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Is there a limit on the posts I can make daily?
Number of threads - 10 - Time limit for threads - 15 hours
Number of post - 15 -Time limit for posts - 15 hours
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What's the daily credit Limit?
Credit limit period: After these post has occurred this many times, the credit trigger will be skipped until the below number of hours have passed.
This simply means that you won't be credited for these activities until after the following timeframe has passed
Thread - 10 (Every 15 hours) after these numbers of thread you won't be credited.
Post - 15 (Every 15 hours) after these numbers of post you won't be credited.
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Are there limitations or restrictions?
You may noticed some changes on restriction and limitation, this has nothing to do with shutting down the reward system.
Every changes you noticed it's definitely for the good of everyone to prevent SNEAKY members from cheating or abusing the platform.
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Writing Time by Word Counts
A rule was set to stop earning by copying content from the web for the purpose of massively generating earning by making two post within 1-2 minutes.
If it takes you 2.5 minutes and above to write 100 words then you have no problem. The table below will tell you how long it will take to write typical word counts.
If you want to know how long writing will take, check out the table below:
Word Count= Slow (5 wpm) | Average (40 wpm) | Fast (60 wpm)
100 words 20 minutes 2.5 minutes 1.7 minutes
125 words 25 minutes 3.1 minutes 2.1 minutes
250 words 50 minutes 6.3 minutes 4.2 minutes
500 words 100 minutes 12.5 minutes 8.3 minutes
600 words 120 minutes 15.0 minutes 10.0 minutes
750 words 150 minutes 18.8 minutes 12.5 minutes
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Why are my credit points being deducted?
Don't worry! If you only lost a small amount of your credit then it is usually down to one or more of your posts being deleted or a topic where you posted being deleted.
When a post is removed for whatever reason, the reward you earned is removed as well. You may also lose credit for posting in incorrect forums or creating irrelevant content.
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When will i get paid?
You can request for payment when you get to the payment threshold of $75 For Referrals
$35 For Forum Activities
As soon as you have earned up to that amount, click here to make your payment request. Payment is made approximately 72 hours after the request has been made and your earnings VALIDATED.
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Are there any payment proofs?
We will always pay you so long your posst are relevant, well written and validated. You can see Payout proof here
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