We Don't Miss Sadio Mane:Andy Robertson Claims (1 Viewer)


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Feb 1, 2023
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Scotland captain, and Liverpool full back, Andy Robertson has aired his views about the team missing Sadio Mane:👇👇
"To be honest, no. "Don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic relationship with Sadio in terms of me and him down the left-hand side for five years. He was a joy to play with, every game. "I loved playing with him, we linked really well.

He helped me going back, the way I helped him going forward. "And yeah we linked up really well. When he left, there was probably no-one more gutted than me because of the relationship we had. "But we've got fantastic players that can play in their positions.

We brought in Darwin [Nunez], who has been really good to start. We've got Luis Diaz who has obviously been injured and re-injured and things like that, which is difficult.

Jots [Diogo Jota] can play there, who's got injured. "We have been a little bit unlucky with injuries, I think once we get them back fully fit then yeah. “Look, Sadio was a wonderful player, a Liverpool legend but he wanted to go and he went to Bayern Munich and we wish him all the best."
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