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An interesting event has taken place in the world of football predictions! Ahead of the upcoming 2023/24 Premier League season, a supercomputer has made its predictions for the full table. Fans eagerly await this information during pre-season, as it allows them to speculate where their beloved teams might end up in the league standings.

In recent years, predicting football outcomes has seen the rise of supercomputers as the latest trend. These powerful machines use sophisticated simulations to analyze real-life fixtures and run them multiple times, which helps them estimate where each team might finish in the league. The simulations take into account factors like expected goals (xG) for and against each team.

After analyzing all the data, the supercomputer presents the full table based on the probability of each team finishing in a particular position. To add to the excitement, the betting tips website Bettingexpert (via The Mag) joined in on the action and programmed its own supercomputer to make predictions for the 2023/24 Premier League standings. The results it generated are truly intriguing and will surely fuel further discussions and debates among football fans.

Supercomputer predicts 2023/24 Premier League table

According to the supercomputer's predictions, it comes as no surprise that Manchester City is expected to secure their Premier League crown for the fourth consecutive season. The simulations indicate that Pep Guardiola's team will likely earn 86.6 points, which is the result of running 100,000 separate simulations of the 38 matchdays in the upcoming season.

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Image Credit: Bettingexpert
Following closely behind is Arsenal, who are once again projected to fall short in their pursuit of the Premier League title but are predicted to hold onto second place. In third position, the supercomputer sees Liverpool making a strong comeback from their disappointing 2022/23 campaign.

Manchester United secures the fourth spot on the simulated table, finishing five points ahead of Newcastle. On the other hand, the predictions point towards Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, and Luton facing relegation, with the latter two sides returning to the Championship after just one season in the Premier League.

The two promoted clubs have reasons to be hopeful, as the predictions suggest they have decent chances of staying in the Premier League. Luton Town has a 31.3 per cent probability of avoiding relegation, while Sheffield United has a slightly higher chance at 38.3 per cent.

As for Chelsea, they are expected to finish sixth in the league standings during their debut season under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino. Just behind them, in seventh place, is Tottenham managed by Ange Postecoglou.

This forecast means that Brighton and Aston Villa, who finished in the top positions last season, will miss out on European competition based on their final league positions, landing in eighth and ninth places, respectively.

Interestingly, Everton is projected to achieve a 15th-placed finish, which should come as a relief to their devoted fans, as it would keep them safely away from the relegation battle they might have feared.

Checkout the full table below

  • 1. Manchester City (86.6 points)
  • 2. Arsenal (77.5 points)
  • 3. Liverpool (76.1 points)
  • 4. Manchester United (73.3 points)
  • 5. Newcastle (68.3 points)
  • 6. Chelsea (67.8 points)
  • 7. Tottenham (62.2 points)
  • 8. Brighton (58.1 points)
  • 9. Aston Villa (56.5 points)
  • 10. West Ham (47.3 points)
  • 11. Brentford (46.0 points)
  • 12. Crystal Palace (43.0 points)
  • 13. Fulham (40.3 points)
  • 14. Burnley (39.3 points)
  • 15. Everton (38.7 points)
  • 16. Wolves (38.5 points)
  • 17. Bournemouth (37.2 points)
  • 18. Nottingham Forest (36.2 points)
  • 19. Sheffield United (31.7 points)
  • 20. Luton (30.5 points)

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