Seth Rollins to Address Suspected Torn MCL and Meniscus Injury on Raw (1 Viewer)


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Seth Rollins is set to provide details about his injury in the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw, and recent updates from Fightful Select shed light on the extent of the injury.

Backstage at Raw, Rollins shared with his colleagues his belief that he hadn't experienced an ACL tear. A high-ranking official remarked, "Considering he's powerbombed a 300-pound man on a torn ACL, we think he understands what that might feel like."

Meanwhile, Wade Keller of PWTorch reported that Rollins' inner circle remained tight-lipped about the injury's severity, sparking speculation that it could be more serious than initially thought.

Current reports from insiders within the company suggest that Rollins has suffered a torn MCL and a partially torn meniscus. It remains uncertain at this point whether surgery will be required. The manner in which this injury will be addressed on Raw is still unclear, but it is confirmed that Rollins is indeed injured. More details are anticipated to emerge soon.

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