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Goran Dragic
Slovenian Basketball star Goran Dragic is in his 15th NBA season since leaving Union Olimpija in 2008.

Apart from his time with the Slovenian national team, he last returned to Europe during the 2011 NBA lockout and played for Saski Baskonia in Spain, but his stint there was short-lived.

Dragic then came back to the Houston Rockets and was a backup point guard for Kyle Lowry.

In a recent interview, Dragic revealed what he misses about the NBA

"I kind of miss the atmosphere of the European arenas," he pointed out in an interview with Christos Tsaltas of SDNA.gr. "I've been playing for 15 years in the NBA and I'm used to it here. Every time I go back to Europe to play things are a bit different because the fans are more... Nuts, in a good way. They always support you and bring positive energy."

Playing for 15 years in the strongest basketball league, Dragic is more than capable of comparing the European basketball and NBA level.
"The distance is closing, but looking back, European players didn't get a chance to play. Maybe there was no progress before. But now, we see that in positions 1, 4, and 5 European players dominate as never before. It's really impressive," he added.

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