How did Real Madrid miss out on Fabian Ruiz? (1 Viewer)


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When Carlo Ancelotti came to Madrid, after Zinedine Zidane left in 2021, he had one request from the management: "Fabián Ruiz." The Spaniard's name was frequently mentioned in Madrid's press, and on more than one occasion, they said he was very close to joining Madrid.

Don Carlo literally wanted the player at any cost. Ancelotti was the first to influence the player's career, developing and supporting him at Napoli, a fact acknowledged by Ruiz himself, who said Ancelotti is the only coach who significantly impacted his career.

Three years after Ancelotti's request, I have seen the reason behind Ancelotti's insistence on this player; a very complete and impressive midfielder, and he has SHONE like a milion stars in the on-going EURO 2024.

If Spain wins the Euro, the Player of the Tournament award should go to him. So far, I haven't seen a better individual player in this Euro than Fabián.

To think Paris Saint-Germain stole this star from Real Madrid for just 20 million euros hurts so much 😭😭

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