Francis Ngannou Vs Tyson Fury Fight Is A Done Deal (1 Viewer)

After extensive negotiations, Francis Ngannou appears to have secured a highly lucrative deal. Last May, Ngannou signed a fighter-friendly and financially rewarding MMA contract with the PFL.

However, his aspirations extended to securing an even more advantageous boxing agreement. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn previously hinted at the possibility, and now reports indicate that an official announcement is imminent. It seems that the fight between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury is close to being finalized. According to reliable sources shared by Ariel Helwani, the crossover fight is expected to be officially announced in the near future.

Earlier this week, Fury dropped hints about the fight's potential location, indicating that significant financial backing would come from the Middle East.

“We’ve had a lot of offers from the Middle East at the moment to host that fight over the summer,” Fury said on the Out of Interest Podcast. “(The purse is) private information, but let’s say it’s 10, 20, 30, f—king 50 times the amount (UFC fighters make).”

Ngannou and Fury initially ignited excitement for this matchup back in April 2022 when they shared the ring. However, finalizing the fight took some time, with UFC reportedly making an attempt to entice Fury away from the bout.

As the now former UFC heavyweight champion, Ngannou embarked on a challenging journey to achieve his free agency. Not only did he manage to secure his release with the belt, but he also successfully navigated the UFC's stringent "champion's clause." Ngannou aimed to garner respect and gain control over his career, and his bold decision to bet on himself has evidently paid off, evident in his deals with PFL and now his upcoming encounter with Fury.

Boxing fans and MMA faithfuls, who's winning this? Let's hear your thoughts:)
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