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Chus Mateo reflected on Real Madrid's performance this season, acknowledging both the highs and lows experienced by his team. Despite facing challenges, he expressed overall satisfaction with the results achieved so far.

A standout defensive play by Facundo Campazzo against Lenovo Tenerife's Jaime Fernandez helped Real Madrid maintain their position at the top of the ACB standings. This victory comes just before a crucial match against Unicaja in Malaga, where the team will compete for first place.

Despite a recent three-game losing streak in the EuroLeague, the narrow win (80-78) was crucial for Real Madrid. Mateo emphasized the importance of the victory, stating that he is very pleased with the team's current standing in the league.

"If they told me we'd be in this place I would have taken it, even that means losing three games in a row in the EuroLeague, because that denotes very good work by the team," he pointed out.

"The first part of the season has been brilliant. And if they also told me that we would goingt to win the Super Cup and the Copa del Rey, even more so," he noted.

"We have won the two titles so far, we are first in both competitions," Mateo continued. "Out of the 18 teams in the EuroLeague, we are the only ones that can win it twice in a row. I think we can reach the playoffs in the ACB League. Even though there are tremendous competitors, we are holding on," the Spanish tactician stressed.

Mateo acknowledges that his team has experienced some setbacks following their victory in the Copa del Rey. However, he doesn't attribute the streak to a lack of self-confidence.
"That's the last thing I notice and will notice in this team," he clarified.

"I know how to take the team's pulse and I know what's there. During the FIBA windows, eight of our players had to leave, two of them have had to cross the ocean. All this is normal, there is a certain overload of games and kilometers. At times we will have to find a way to stay fresh. In that aspect, on a scale from 0 to 100, I am worried zero," he said.

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