Can Jose Mourinho Win The Europa League With Roma? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 19, 2022
Glasgow, Scotland.
Jose Mourinho written off as past his prime and a non - elite coach is doing miracles in Roma. Roma after a long hiatus from laurels , last season won the Conference League , with Jose at the helm.

This season Roma is vying to make it to the Champions League. They are in the last four of the Europa League. Roma and Jose Mourinho are faring well to the surprise of many.

Their success is even more intriguing owing to the fact that they operate with a shoe string budget. They are playing essentially with rejects from other clubs, deemed surplus to requirements, not A list players.

Chris Smalling, Winijaldum, Diego Lorente, Dybala, Abraham etc. Jose Mourinho has seen to the revival of players hitherto thought spent. El-Shawary for instance!

Jose Mourinho is a brilliant Manager, ever since he came to lime light, taking an unknown Porto to conquer Europe twice, consecutively in 2003 and 2004, winning the UEFA Cup and Champions League, He has never looked back.

He has won in every club He has been to, whether a small or big club. Indeed regardless of the finances or profile of every team He coached, he finds a way to succeed. You will find it difficult to identify other coaches with such record! If in over two decades as Manager, you can boast of the kind of CV He has, you are phenomenal!

Hey, do not forget, He is the only Coach who has won every club competition in Europe - Champions League, UEFA Cup (Now Europa league) and Conference League. You already know the rest of the trophies He has won across several clubs, in different countries!

Jose Mourinho is a FIRST CLASS Manager!!!
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