Brock Lesnar stuns Omos to win head-to-head fight (1 Viewer)


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Jul 19, 2022
Lagos, Nigeria.
Lesnar is not often overpowered physically, but Omos is an extraordinary specimen who managed to do just that. In the early stages of their match, the colossal superstar easily threw Lesnar around and executed a power slam with ease. Despite Lesnar's initial efforts to fight back, Omos quickly shut him down. However, Lesnar ultimately turned the tide with three German suplexes and finished the match with an F-5.

Although the match showcased Omos' unique size and strength, it would have been more compelling with additional changes in momentum. While the match appeared competitive, Omos' lack of defense and endurance ultimately made him look weak, and his size could have made him more believable in kicking out of at least one F-5.
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